Crafts in London

As an American in London I often find that cultural differences vastly outweigh cultural similarities.  Yes, we speak the same language, but in only a vague and superficial way.  Would anyone in the US call an Ivy League graduate clever to mean smart?  No, but perhaps an Ivy League graduate who solves a NYT Saturday crossword is really clever indeed.

One of the most difficult differences for me living here in the UK is the complete lack of quality paper and cards.  Yes, we do have Paperchase, but would you really call them quality?  Where is my Paper Source or the vast array of letterpress stores like Greenwich or Gus & Ruby?  They are not to be found and neither are crafts stores or decent scrap booking.

With the advent of Etsy came an absolute boom in the interest of crafts in the US.  I think that boom may take a long time to come to the UK, but I am pleased to see two London base craft stores/centres that my friend Zoe discovered today.  First, the Make Lounge offers classes and a shop for all aspiring crafts divas.  Second, the Papered Parlour offers workshops and an exhibition space.  Both look like really great places and I am so pleased that crafting is taking off in the UK – at least a little.


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