Google Big Tent event

Yesterday Google hosted a Big Tent event just outside of London.  The UK’s best and brightest were invited and attended a rather action packed day full of panels and speeches.  Though I was invited, I didn’t manage to due some other responsibilities, but I followed the event closely through friends and Twitter.

What strikes me about this event – an event which had a major goal of promoting Google and their public facing ‘concern’ over privacy – is how much we all talk about digital things, but how little we actually do.  While everyone else in the technology policy sector was out in Hertfordshire yesterday, the Hargreaves copyright review was announced, rural broadband was discussed, and various other things were floating around.

What would ‘doing’ look like though? For me it is starting that charity that educates parents on how their kids are getting online and what they may be doing there.  Or maybe finally starting that website which promotes businesses and competition in the technology sector.  Whatever ‘doing’ may look like it is probably less exciting than writing about policy and ideas.  And a lot more hard work.


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