Goodbye Last Press, Hello Discovery Process

I am in the middle of moving away from all things having to do with Last Press Label.  I still have a company and an email address, but I guess that I feel it is time to close the Last Press chapter in my life.

Last Press Label was a record label and almost a printing press too.  It was born at a time of greater optimism for me when the financial crash hadn’t happened yet and traveling to and from London didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  I have grown very disenchanted with the music industry.  For everyone one good hearted and trustworthy soul in the industry, there are three backstabbing, lying people.  Not a good combination if you want to make a career out of it.

Things, however, aren’t all that bad.  More people go to gigs than ever and the live music scene is only growing.  Companies like Spotify make it all worth while too when they choose to take on the major record labels.  And of course Hargreaves, if ever implemented, will force rights collectors to introduce best practices and transparency into their businesses.

So while all of this is good news, it is time to move on to a different URL, a new email, and different work.


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