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Institution 3.0

Douglass North was one of the first to recognise that institutions change slowly and those who are a part of institutions resist any change that may negatively impact an individual’s interest whether it be economic or political. He  went on … Continue reading

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James Essex and Permissionless Innovation

I have been researching the unpublished works of a little known English Antiquarian James Essex (1722-1784) for my doctoral thesis. He was a Cambridge man who trained as a surveyor and raised his status throughout his lifetime to become part of … Continue reading

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Renewing my US Passport

This blog suffers from lack of updating and lack of care due to the very fact that I travel a lot for work. When I’m not travelling I’m trying to keep up with my PhD research, a task that is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my Jawbone customer service experience

Over the last week I have been tweeting quite a lot about Jawbone and the really shockingly bad customer service experience that I have had. As an American in my adopted home country of Great Britain I’ve come to accept … Continue reading

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Egypt and the Internet

I’ve been thinking about Egypt quite a lot the last few days in light of the current round of protests. The lastest uprisings are the next in what I think may be a long line of them. Clearly Egypt is … Continue reading

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Britain Needs Techno Dynamists

In an excellent column for CityAM today, Stian Westlake makes the argument that optimists need to run the economy in order to foster economic growth. This is an argument that I have been making for years and in various forms. … Continue reading

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It has been a busy and interesting year so far, but one that has kept me from blogging on a regular basis. I spend so much time writing for other publications that I find it restful to read and do … Continue reading

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Transcript of UK Intervention at WCIT-12

As you all may know, I’ve been attending the WCIT-12 in Dubai. We are at the very end of the treaty negotiation and the UK will not be signing. Here is a transcript of the UK’s intervention making that statement … Continue reading

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Hunting for Hailes Abbey

Over the last week I have been spending most of my time in Gloucestershire. I spent two days this week sitting at the archives going over documents transcribed by an early 20th century antiquarian and I have spent the weekend … Continue reading

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Why I won’t be reading Bringing up the Bodies

I love reading historical mysteries. (I love reading all mysteries, in fact, and I like Scandinavian noir too, but for the purposes of this blog post I will be sticking to historical mysteries!) In any case, often people recommend to me Hilary … Continue reading

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