Jane Jacobs and the Internet

Over the last few years there have been many times when people ask me the same question: why on earth did you decided to study architectural history instead of information systems for a phd? It is a reasonable question, but one that I am tired of answering. I do digital policy and strategy. If we lived in an offline world I would most likely be involved in research and policy work anyway, but it just happens that we have a communication and information medium that faces issues and I enjoy the work that I do around it. But why not do research in this area instead? Continue reading

Hailes Abbey stained glass

Last weekend I went to the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. The purpose of the weekend was to run around (literally) and look at all potential and recorded locations into which Hailes Abbey fabric had been deposited. The weekend was in part successful The discovery of the St. Michael’s, Buckland and its contents including bits of stone from a Hailes reredo (possibly) and a William Morris stained glass window made it all worth it at the end of the weekend. However most of it was spent walking, running, and driving around in circles from Winchombe to Hailes to Broadway and back to Southam. It was the first of what I expect to be a few weekends spent trying to find pieces of Hailes fabric. Continue reading

Research and reading complexity

In the course of my research a rather obvious thought has come to me. The level and quality of Tudor and Jacobean research has grown in its complexity. As with everything in the world, the development of research ideas and theories increase in complexity as technology, communication, and theory develop and mature. In the case of the Reformation in England, the complexity has caused me to take an interesting journey. Continue reading

Hailes Abbey document discovery

To most people who don’t know me, my academic research may seem a bit incongruous with the rest of the work that I do and my interest in politics. I see it as a logical next step in my on-going and higher education process. I am not just looking at history – or rather architectural history – but I am thinking about the political economy, motivation, and institutions of that time period. And not in the least it is the time of the rise of merchants (or really entrepreneurs) who are making money and becoming patrons.

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Google Big Tent event

Yesterday Google hosted a Big Tent event just outside of London.  The UK’s best and brightest were invited and attended a rather action packed day full of panels and speeches.  Though I was invited, I didn’t manage to due some other responsibilities, but I followed the event closely through friends and Twitter.

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Risk Taking and Risk Takers

Months go by in between posts and still I feel that there is more that can be done to update the design or change the user interface.  That being said, my time has been taken up by other things.  And among those are pitches for private sector contract work and freelance work.

It occurred to me recently that I haven’t held a full time, permanent job since I left the US late in 2005.  That is a long time ago, but I have had some good and some bad experiences freelancing.  Perhaps I am more of a risk taker than those who I used to work with and are still at {insert company name here} where I used to work.

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Making the jump ….

For the first time since I learned how to use a press – an old Heidelberg press to be exact – I have made the jump and posted several cards on UK’s Folksy for sale.  It has to be said that I am more interested in font styles and lead type than I am in fancy or intricate designs.  That is why we used the lovely folks over at SORT for our wedding invitations last year.  They do letterpress printing in such a simple and yet elegant way.  I aspire to do something even half as lovely as their work.

Fake Empire

No not the song, but the new collective.

It has been ages since I have blogged about anything.  I am doing some work over at Fake Empire (a new music and letterpress collective that I am starting with my friend Zoe).  Health warning – the site is far from being done, but perhaps worth a quick look if you want to buy some Christmas cards.

I am also in the middle of a Net Neutrality debate here in the UK.  Lots of fun stuff going on around that issue.

And I have finalised my PhD work.  More soon!