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Incredible Money Spent on Council Website

I have a post here about how Medway spent nearly £250,000 on a new council website.  Unbelievable.

As an aside, in the post I mention that most major label artists don’t spend nearly that much.  That brief comment is a result of two out of many experiences I have had in the music industry.  First, Simon Cowell’s label does well – so well that it props up Sony in many ways – that he spends cash on his artists.  The cost of those sites amount to roughly £50,000 or more, but not much more.  Second, a friend of mine is working with a really popular young band and their new and highly interactive website comes at a price tag of around £100,000.  So there you have it.


The Constantines

I just recently listened to an August 12th interview with the Constantines on CBC Radio 3.  It sounds like the band is calling it a day.  Well at least they are ‘slowing down’ in the words of the lead singer Bry Webb.  I could spend hours talking about why I feel terribly sad about this and why I think it might be the right time for the band to call it a day.  In the interest of time I won’t, however I will say that I have spent nearly 7 years listening to them and going to their gigs.  If the last memories I have of seeing the Constantines live are from SXSW 2008 then that wouldn’t be too bad.  I saw the band at least 5 times in those several days in March and even spoke to Bry on the street.  Alas, all is not lost.  Bry has a new side project called the Harbourcoats who are going to support Dan Mangan in Canada in October.